イザヤ 7:9 「もし、あなたがたが信じなければ、長く立つことはできない。」

There are times when “you” being singular or plural masks important meaning in Scripture. Isaiah was speaking from the Lord to King Ahaz, but here he specifically uses the plural pronoun to speak of standing in faith. Likewise, the NIV says “stand at all,” where the Japanese says “stand for long.” Sometimes we think we are standing pretty well, but without faith in God, our almighty Redeemer, that is a strictly temporary situation. It is clear throughout the Bible that faith, that is, relying on God rather than on what our senses and intellect tell us, is essential. That can be a major stumbling block to those who take pride in being rational and “scientific,” yet even most such people will admit, when pressed, that there are things our intellects can't tell us. The biggest problem with hyper rationalism is that it ignores the spiritual. That's highly ironic, when one of the biggest puzzles for astrophysicists (considered by many to be the pinnacle of the scientific world) is “dark matter,” that is, stuff they can't see. They insist on running their lives by what they can see, and yet they acknowledge that their own best data says that the majority of the universe is invisible! Any world view that leaves out the invisible and the unknown, attempting to eliminate the need for faith, is highly deficient to say the least!


I was raised in a highly intellectual household that was also a household of faith. What an incredible blessing! I was never taught to ignore my intellect, and science was highly respected and recommended, but there was always the underlying awareness of the limits to all that. God was presented as the absolute truth, though our awareness and understanding of Him is partial and imperfect. (1 Corinthians 13:9-12) I was taught that seeking God is even more sure of success than seeking intellectual knowledge. (Jeremiah 29:13; 33:3) My challenge right now is in communicating that truth to those who were not so blessed as to be raised in such an environment. I cannot be on some intellectual or spiritual high horse, looking down on those who do not understand; that would be completely counterproductive. I've got to seek God and trust the Holy Spirit to get His truth through to people, using my words and actions whenever He so desires. I have experienced more times than I could count the reality that I can't save anyone! I must stand in faith so that others may be brought to faith, for their salvation and the glory of God.

私はとても知的な家庭に育ちました。それはまた信仰を持った家庭でもあります。なんとすばらしい恵みでしょう!私は自分の知性を無視するようには決して教わったことはありません。また科学は非常に関心高いもので推奨されていました。しかしその全てにおいて限界があるという認識が常に基礎にありました。神様についての私たちの認識や理解が一部分的なもので不完全でありますが、神様は絶対的な真実として存在していました(コリント人への手紙 第一13:9-12)私は神様を求めることは知性を求めるよりももっと成功を確実にすると教わりました(エレミヤ書29:13、33:3)私の今のチャレンジは、知的な環境で育ち、あまり幸せでない人たちに真実を伝えることです。私は、理解していない人たちを見下すような、知性的態度や霊的な傲慢な態度でいてはいけません。それは全く逆効果です。私は神様を求め、神様が望まれる時はいつでも私の言動を用いて、精霊様が神様の真実を人々に伝えてくださるということを信じなければなりません。私は誰をも救えない現実を数え切れないほど経験しました!人々の救いのため、また神様の御栄光のために、彼らが信仰へと導かれるように、私は信仰にしっかりと立たなければなりません。

Father, thank You for expressing this so clearly through me this morning. Help me depend on You at all times, rather than on the gifts, intellectual and otherwise, that You have placed in me, so that in everything Your will may be done, in and through me, for Your glory. Thank You. Hallelujah!


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