エペソ 6:10-20

S: エペソ 6:19 また、私が口を開くとき、語るべきことばが与えられ、福音の奥義を大胆に知らせることができるように私のためにも祈ってください。

O: Paul's major ministry was through words, so he didn't hesitate to ask for prayer support in that area. Each person's ministry is different, so each person needs such support in different ways. Paul had no thought of being above the need for such support, and no Christian should think they are below the right to ask for and receive it. Prayer is a mystery, but it is also one of the highest privileges and responsibilities of the believer. From a strictly human viewpoint it violates logic that we would be able to influence events simply by talking to God about them, particularly considering the size of the universe and our size relative to all of that. However, the Bible and experience both proclaim that the Creator does listen in love to such as we are. That said, if we limit our prayers to personal concerns we miss out on what I see as the greater part of the mystery of prayer. When we petition God on behalf of others it is called intercession, and that is one of the highest ministries. Intercession allows us to participate directly in the plans and purposes of God, and what could be more glorious than that?

O: パウロは言葉によってミニストリーをしました。そのために祈りによる支えをためらいませんでした。ミニストリーは人によって異なります。人によって違った方法での支えが必要でしょう。パウロは祈り以上に必要な支えはないと考えていました。そしてクリスチャンであるならば、支えを求め受ける事を念頭におくべきです。祈りとは不思議なものですが、信者にとっては最高の特権と責任の一つです。人間的に厳密に見ると、私たちが神様に語り、物事に影響を与えるなんて論理的ではありません。この大宇宙の大きさと人の大きさを考えると特にそうです。しかし、創造主は愛をもって私たちの祈りを聞いてくださっていることは、聖書や経験によって明らかです。もし、個人的なことにばかり祈っているならば、祈りの不可思議さの素晴らしさを見逃すことになるでしょう。人のために神様に祈ることを、とりなしと呼んでいますが、これこそ崇高なミニストリーの一つでしょう。とりなしによって、私たちは神様の御計画と目的に直接参加できるのです。こんなに栄光あることが他にあるでしょうか?

A: I have been on both the giving and the receiving ends of intercession, and I certainly know how vital it is. There was a period of about 10 years when we didn't have any organized prayer support for our work in Omura, and I just about shipwrecked, drifting aimlessly instead of moving forward. I need people praying for me! I have also had the great joy of seeing prayers answered that I have prayed for others. That said, I don't feel I intercede enough, and I hope to grow in that area this year. As a pastor I urgently desire that the believers discover the joy of intercession, but I don't feel I have been particularly successful in that area. I need wisdom in communicating both the privilege and the joy of intercession, making it clear that if our heart is in it, the Holy Spirit will take care of the details. People somehow think their prayers don't count, or something like that. I need to help them understand that God is an “equal opportunity listener,” so to speak, if our hearts are right before Him. I also need to help them understand better that our hearts get right before God by faith and repentance, and not by following a set of rules.

A: 私はとりなしの祈りをし、受けてきましたが、それがどれほど重要かをはっきり分かっています。約10年ほどの間、大村での私たちの働きのために組織だった祈りの支えがありませんでした。私はほとんど難破船のような状態で、前進できずに目的を失い漂流していたのです。私のための祈りが必要です!しかし、私が人のために祈ってきたことが答えられた時などは大変な喜びです。とりなしの祈りが不十分だと感じる時があります。今年はこの点で成長したいと望んでいます。牧師として私が火急に願っているのは、信者にとりなしの祈りの喜びを分かってもらうことです。もっとも私がとりなしの祈りが上手く出来ているとは感じていませんが。とりなしの祈りの特権と喜びを伝えられるように知恵を求めます。私たちが心からそうするならば、あとの細かいことは聖霊様がなさいます。人は自分の祈りなど大したことないと思っているようですが、神様の御前、正しい心であるならば、神様は「等しくみんなの祈りを聞いておられる方」である事を理解してもらいたいのです。さらに、規則に従うことによってではなく、信仰と悔い改めによって神様の御前、正しい思いであるべきことを、人に分かってもらえるように私は助けていきます。

P: Father, thank You for laying out a plan of teaching as I wrote just now. Help me follow through. Thank You that You had already made clear to me that the message on the 10th is to be on growth. This helps me understand how I am to proceed from there, in laying the foundation for the growth we need. Father, I ask that in this year we become a praying church indeed. I pray that each believer would be earnest in their private prayer, and also that they would come to understand the privilege and importance of corporate prayer as well, making the effort to gather for scheduled and special prayer meetings, so that we will line up with Your plan for us from the inside out, for Your glory. Thank You. Hallelujah!


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