エペソ 1:3 私たちの主イエス・キリストの父なる神がほめたたえられますように。神はキリストにあって、天にあってすべての霊的祝福をもって私たちを祝福してくださいました。

When the original Greek sentence is 12 verses long, it can be hard to pull out just one thought to focus on! However, the more this sentence is meditated on, the more riches we can pull from it. I can real­ly empathize with Paul being unable to stop writing once he had started in on the spiritual blessings that are ours in Christ. We have very little grasp of what we're talking about when we say, “every spiritual blessing in the heavens.” We haven't begun to see the half of it! This is why the song is so true, “The Longer I Serve Him, the Sweeter He Grows.” Just as it takes time for a husband and wife to really get to know each other, it takes time for us to get to know Christ. It isn't hard to know Him enough for salvation, but that's just the smallest tip of the iceberg. And the more we discover, the better He is! The odd thing is, He already knows everything about us, and He loves us anyway! The longer we live with ourselves, the more we discover about ourselves, if we are honest, and those things aren't always nice. That is why it's so important to give all you know of yourself to all you know of Christ. A relationship that doesn't continue to grow, stagnates. When that is our relationship with God, that's tragic.


Once again I have the enormous advantage of having been raised by parents who continued to press into God, growing spiritually in every way. I can only pray to be as faithful as they were! Just as nothing is automatic in the relationship of a husband and wife, so nothing is automatic about spiritual growth. If we will put the effort into it, choosing God over other things and spending time in prayer and Scripture, then He will see to it that we grow. However, if we feel we have reached a level where we can coast, we will quickly discover that we are coasting downhill! This is sometimes not so easy to get across to the believers, because they tend to see devotional time as an intrusion into their schedules, rather than being the jewel of the day. I need to be both patient and persistent in urging them to give God the first fruit of the day, starting and continuing each day with an active awareness of Him. They expect me to have that, because I'm a “professional Christian,” but they don't understand that it's equally possible and desirable for them.


Father, thank You for the richness of Your grace to me. Help me communicate that more effectively to the believers so that they will get a glimpse of all the blessings of heaven that You have for them, and press in to lay hold of that for which You have laid hold of us. (Philippians 3:12) May we all have a growing revelation of Your grace, responding with all joy and obedience, for Your glory. Thank You. Hallelujah!


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