ヘブル 5:14 しかし、堅い食物はおとなの物であって、経験によって良い物と悪い物を見分ける感覚を訓練された人の物です。

You don't feed steak to infants! We understand that in the natural, but it can be easy to forget in spiritual matters. However, the path to maturity is clearly indicated here, with the mention of being trained by experience to distinguish good from evil. One problem is that all too many Christians don't even try to make that distinction on their own, relying instead on what their leaders tell them, and resenting it when those instructions clash with the desires of their flesh. I had a dear friend who was raised in church but later said it almost destroyed him, because he was only taught to do as he was told, and not to have a personal relationship with God through His Word and His Spirit. Real spiritual growth can be scary, because we have to decide on our own (or so it seems) what is in line with God's will and what is not. In reality, the Holy Spirit always stands ready to guide us, but at first we tend not to recognize His voice, and our very anxiety over the issue can close our ears to Him. Those who take in the Word on a daily basis and put their faith into practice in daily life grow quickly, but those who think it is just for Sundays hardly seem to grow at all.


There are those who are gifted as evangelists, explaining the basics of salvation clearly in ways that non-believers can grasp them and become believers, but I don't seem to fall into that group. My joy is to take believers who are hungry for more and lead them into the Word, mining the riches that are there. However, I get resistance from those who, for one reason or another, are not receptive. This is an issue of “hearing ears.” I am to make God's truth as easy to understand as possible and speak it in God's love, but I am not to allow resistant people to be a drag on the whole church. It is said that a flock moves at the speed of the slowest sheep, but that becomes a real problem when the sheep want to lie down and not move at all. Everyone needs times of rest of various sorts, but there must be forward momentum. I must not talk down to anyone, but neither should I allow them to wallow in immaturity.


Father, I ask for wisdom and guidance and above all love, so that I may do what is best for each believer, whether it is comfortable for me or them or not. Help me be consistent in making the right choices in my own life, and show me how to guide and encourage the believers to make the right choices as well, so that together we may grow in all ways, for Your glory. Thank You. Praise God! 


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