エレミヤ 31:14 また祭司のたましいを髄で飽かせ、わたしの民は、わたしの恵みに満ち足りる。-主の御告げー

This is one case in which a literal translation creates a cultural disconnect, because the Japanese says “the priests will have more than enough of marrow.” In those days bone marrow was considered the very best food, somewhat like caviar (or something similar) today. The point is that God doesn't just give us enough to get by, He pours the very best out on us. I strongly disagree with the way many “prosperity gospel” teachers twist Scripture to appeal to human greed, but it is still true that God isn't stingy. The problems come when we fail to seek first God's kingdom and His righteousness, as Jesus said in Matthew 6:33, and instead chase after material abundance. Sometimes God has to let us go through materially lean times to teach us to seek His face. Israel learned the hard way that attributing agricultural bounty to Baal was likely to bring a drought. If we think we, or our boss, or the government, are the source of supply for our needs, we will be anxious and will indeed never have enough. It is when we learn that God is indeed our supply, without being passive about it, that we start to discover just how generous He is. That's not to say God intends for us all to be materially rich, like “prosperity gospel” teachers try to say, because true riches don't show up in a bank passbook. It is to say that all of our needs will be more than met on every level, not just for our blessing but so that we can be generous to others as well.


Right now I'm enjoying a period of relative material abundance, all the more so because I've been through some pretty lean times. Looking back, though, I can see that God has been more than faithful over the years, supplying not just the minimum but assorted luxuries as well. However, I haven't always been the best steward of that provision, and I and those around me have suffered the consequences. I preach trust and stewardship to others; I need to practice them myself! It is easy for me to look at things I would like to have and don't, and be dissatisfied, when God intends for me to recognize and rejoice in the abundance He has already provided.


Father, an objective inventory of my current situation leaves me in awe of Your grace. I have a marriage that is the envy of many, children who are doing well, a good, comfortable home, an abundance of food, satisfying work, and the list goes on and on. Thank You! Help me lead the flock to recognize and be grateful for what You have already given, so that we will allow You to straighten out our priorities and get us in line with You, so that You may pour Your abundance through us as You desire to do, for Your glory. Thank You. Hallelujah!


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