イザヤ 53:11 彼は、自分のいのちの激しい苦しみのあとを見て、満足する。わたしの正しいしもべは、その知識に よって多くの人を義とし、彼らの咎を彼がになう。

This chapter is one of the clearest expositions of the theology of the cross, resurrection, and salvation in the whole Bible, yet Isaiah lived hundreds of years before Jesus. This one verse has a phrase that perhaps made little sense to Isaiah himself, yet from our perspective we can understand its truth and importance. That phrase has been translated variously as “by his knowledge,” “by knowledge of him,” or “by that knowledge,” but the important thing is, that knowledge justifies many people. Whether he knew it or not, Isaiah was prophesying salvation by grace through faith. The “knowledge” in this verse is knowing Christ, and that He died to redeem us from our sin. In the Garden of Gethsemane and even on the cross, Jesus could look ahead to what would be the end result of His suffering and be satisfied, just as this verse says. This whole chapter bears reading, re-reading, meditating, and memorizing, because of its depth and the importance of the truth it conveys.


Isaiah 53:6 was one of the first verses I memorized as a child, but I can hardly say I had a deep appreciation of it at the time. I guess that goes to show that children don't have to have an immediate understanding to benefit from Scripture memorization. Frankly, I have disliked memorization, but I think it was a problem with presentation, because later, as a Drama major in college, I memorized long scripts without too much complaint. The point with Scripture isn't so much the words themselves as it is the truth involved. Using different translations isn't much of a problem from the standpoint of truth, but it makes consistency more difficult. Even writing that, I realize I'm making excuses for my not having memorized more Scripture! It really is helpful to be able to give chapter and verse for what we quote, and that's a real weakness for me. Frankly, much of my Scripture quoting is in Japanese, when I'm actually remembering it in English. That makes the reference all the more important, because the wording is variable. Internalizing Scripture isn't just for my benefit, (though it provides enormous benefits) but for those to whom I minister. I need to make the effort to learn chapter and verse references for their benefit.


Father, the longer I minister, and hopefully, the more I grow, the more I realize how lazy I have been through the years in relating to spiritual things. I thought it was really something when I finally got into a very strong habit of daily devotions, when that is just the tip of the iceberg. Help me apply myself fully as You desire, not in a legalistic way but out of love for You and for the people to whom I minister, for the blessing of many and for Your glory. Thank You. Praise God!

お父様、牧する期間が長ければ長いほど、願わくは、私がもっと成長すれば、私は御言葉の事に関して如何に長年も怠惰であったかをさらに理解します 。日々のデボーションがとてもしっかりした習慣にやっとなった時、私にとってそれは意味するものでしたが、それは氷山の一角にすぎないと思いました。立法主義の方法ではなく、あなたや私が牧する人々への愛から、あなたが望まれるように私が完全に自分自身を適応できるよう助けてください。多くの人の祝福とあなたの御栄光のために。感謝します。神様を讃えます!

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