イザヤ 60:22 時が来れば、わたし、主が、すみやかにそれをする。

For once I really like the turn of phrase in the NIV: “I am the Lord.” It is amazing how often we need to be reminded of that. God tells us things, and we doubt them, as though He were unreliable or even unable to do what He says. How absurd! God is the Creator, the One who spoke the universe into being, the one who loved us enough to send His Son to die in our place to save us from our sins. With our very limited frame of reference and intellect we sometimes fail to hear Him correctly, and as Peter pointed out, God's viewpoint of time is not at all the same as ours, (2 Peter 3:8) but God Himself is utterly reliable. We waste huge quantities of emotional energy being anxious about things, when God tells us not to be anxious about anything. (Philippians 4:6-7) This passage is about trusting God for time and timing. The Bible records many instances of God doing things in an “impossibly” short time. There are other instances where things took much longer than the people involved desired, but God knew the various things that needed to fall into place to make it all right. We must not be impatient, but at the same time we need to be ready to move quickly when God does, to flow with Him on His schedule.

今回に限り、私はNIVの「私は主である」の言い方が本当に好きです。私たちがそのことを思い出す必要があることがいかに頻繁であるか驚くほどです。神様は様々なことを私たちに話しますが、まるで彼に信頼できないとか、彼が言うことをするのが不可能であるかのように、話された事について私たちは疑ってしまいます。何てばかげたことなんでしょう!神様は世界をご自分の言葉で創られた創造主、私たちを罪から救うために、彼の息子を私たちの代わりに死なせる目的でこの地に送りになったほど私たちを愛してくださった方です。私たちのとても限られた基準や知力で、時々私たちは彼の言うことを正しく聞くことにしくじります。そしてペテロが指摘したように、神様の時は私たちと全て同じではありません(ペテロの手紙 第一3:8)。しかし神様こそが最も信頼できる方です。神様は私たちに何も思い煩わないように言っていますが(ピリピ人への手紙4:6-7)、私たちは物事に関して心配しとても大きな感情的エネルギーを無駄にしています。この節は時間とタイミングにおいて神様を信頼することについて書かれています。聖書は神様は不可能であるような短い時間内に事をされる多くの例を聖書は記録しています。人が願っている以上に時間がかかる例もありますが、神様はその物事が上手く行くよう様々な事柄が整えられる必要があるということをご存知でした。私たちはせっかちになってはいけません。しかし同時に、神様の時に全く彼によって事を起こされるとき、私たちは素早く対応できる準備が必要です。

Time is a big issue with me. I probably get stressed out about time as much or more than I do about anything else, and that benefits no one, and least of all me. It is not wrong to be punctual, but it is wrong to be obsessive about it and thus make problems for those around me. I have grown somewhat in this area, but I have a l-o-o-o-n-g way yet to go to reach full maturity! I tend to look at others and put them down for their anxieties, yet I can be just as un-trusting in other areas. Part of the problem is that I often fail to recognize that timing is a matter of trusting God. I have had training from God in trusting Him for finances and various other things, but as often as I have experienced God's perfect timing, I still have trouble trusting Him for it. I need to be conscious and purposeful in my trust, even when the “right” time for something passes, knowing that everything yielded to God will be used by Him for good. (Romans 8:28)


Father, thank You for Your timing for the day yesterday. Thank You for the speed with which You gave me the translation for the song we are to use Sunday. Thank You for today's schedule, even though I only know parts of it. I pray that I would be fully relaxed about where we are when, doing what, so that I won't miss any of the blessings You have for me, or cause others to miss blessings either. May I rest, relax, and rejoice in You moment by moment today, for Your glory. Thank You. Praise God!

お父様、昨日のあなたの時に感謝します。日曜日に使う歌の訳を私に瞬時にお与えになられたことに感謝します。私は今日のスケジュールについてほんの少ししか分かりませんが、その今日のスケジュールについて感謝します。あなたが私のためにご計画されている恵みを逃すことがないように、場所、時、すべきことについて、私たちが完全にリラックスできるように祈ります。あなたの御栄光のために、どうぞ私が今日あなたの時に 休息、リラックス、また喜ぶことができますように。感謝します。神様を讃えます!

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