マラキ 1:6 「子は父を敬い、しもべはその主人を敬う。もし、わたしが父であるなら、どこに、わたしへの尊敬 があるのか。もし、わたしが主人であるなら、どこに、わたしへの恐れがあるのか。-万軍の主は、あなたがたに仰せられるーわたしの名をさげすむ祭司たち。

It is proverbial that familiarity breeds contempt, and nowhere is that more dangerous than in worship. This whole book deals with that problem, and as this verse states, it often starts from the top. If a minister approaches the mechanics of worship as a job or a routine, that attitude can be deadly for the whole church. We tend to forget what an essential privilege worship is, and woe to us when that happens! When religion is reduced to formulas, then there is no difference from one religion to the next, because there is no awareness of the living God. It is sadly obvious when this happens in churches, because they ordain ministers who are living in open sin, and treat church structure as simply a means to social clout. That breaks God's heart, and He will not tolerate it forever. True religion must start with an awareness of who God is, or it will descend into this sort of moral swamp. Some ministers are threatened by the practical application of “the priesthood of the believer,” even though that is a pillar of doctrine in churches with a congregational style of government. However, a true minister of God will rejoice at every believer who delights to relate to and serve God directly.


Since I am a pastor, this is very pertinent for me. I do have many routines connected with my service to God. That's not necessarily bad, but I must be very careful not to let them become just routines. I cannot say that I have not been guilty at times of being cavalier toward the things of God, and that is a serious matter. God is my Father and I am His child, but I must not act like a spoiled brat! Just because He is so faithful to speak through me gives me no right to take that for granted or otherwise treat it lightly. If a presidential press secretary were less than respectful of the president, then they would lose their job. The One for whom I am a spokesman is far greater than any president! I am to give Him my best at all times in every way, not drawing back or begrudging things in any way. He is more than worthy of everything I could possibly do in service to Him, and far more.


Father, forgive me for being resentful of things You call me to do. I have resented translating my blog, putting it off even when I had time. I have resented trying to keep my work areas clean and organized, when they are places I meet with and serve You. I have taken worship services lightly, going through the motions to get them over with rather than being in awe of the privilege of coming before You to offer worship and praise. Forgive me. Thank You for showing me this morning that I have far more in common with the priests Malachi was addressing than I wanted to believe. Help me give You the best that You have placed in me, at all times and in all ways, for the sake of the Body of Christ and for Your glory. Thank You. Praise God!


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