マタイ 24:35 この天地は滅び去り ます。しかし、わたしのことばは決して滅びることがありません。

In many countries there is quite a push to discredit the words of the Bible, but here Jesus speaks the final word on that issue. There are things that are true for a time, and things that are true in some situations, but God's Word is Truth, and that doesn't change. The difficulty is that some of the things recorded in the Bible were indeed for specific times and places rather than for all eternity, but when we start looking for such things, it shows that our hearts aren't committed to obey God in the first place. The thing about the Bible is that, as it says in Hebrews 4:12, what God says is perfectly sharp and penetrating, and often we don't like that. Many treat the Bible like a collection of aphorisms, picking and choosing verses that suit them at the moment, but in the Last Day they will find themselves judged by the very words they took so lightly.


I have lived all my life in a very close relationship with the Bible, but that doesn't mean I've never taken it lightly. As came up a few days ago, familiarity can breed contempt, and I have a tendency to say “yes, yes, I know that,” to any Scripture, when that very reaction proves I don't really know the Truth behind the words well enough. I need to keep pressing in, all the more so because so many things in the world today are changing so fast. I need to receive my stability from God and His Word, and share that with those to whom I minister. Just last night a Christian came by to talk because they were anxious about something, but their anxiety was hardly surprising, because they have drifted pretty far from daily feeding on the Word. As I told them, Jesus' words in Matthew 6 are true in every detail, when He tells us that if we get our priorities straight, our needs will be met. My own financial picture at the moment is testing and stretching my faith, but I know that God is faithful whether I trust Him or not.


Father, thank You for this reminder. Thank You for pointing out to me that I have no high horse from which to talk down to people who are having trouble trusting You. Help me receive Your Word not just into my head but especially into my heart, both to meditate on it and to do it. In this rapidly changing world, help me be firmly anchored in Christ and Your Word, not just so that I may stand firm in the storms myself but also so that I may draw many to You, for their salvation and Your glory. Thank You. Praise God!


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