ダニエル 2:23 「私の先祖の神。私はあなたに感謝し、あなたを賛美します。あなたは私に知恵と力とを賜い、今、私たちがあなたにこいねがったことを私に知らせ、王のことを私たちに知らせてくださいました。」

There is a difference between conceit and knowing that God has given you something. Daniel's life, and the lives of several other people, depended on God giving him revelation, and when he received it, he didn't doubt it. The devil always tries to get us to doubt what God has done, not to mention what He is going to do. Any Christian is going to have times of wondering, am I really saved? We can rest assured, that's not the Holy Spirit talking! Assurance is a very important gift that we should not let the devil steal from us. If we are worried about whether we are saved, that's a pretty strong indicator that we are saved! Another word for assurance would be boldness. The devil is afraid of bold believers, and that's why he tries to steal our assurance. When we have the rock solid assurance that God is for us, we aren't going to be moved by whoever might be lined up against us. (Romans 8:31) The devil tries to tell us that we are being vain and conceited, but assurance of their father's love is a fundamental need of every child, and our Heavenly Father certainly loves us. We need to believe, welcome, and trust that love and everything it brings to us.

うぬぼれと神があなたに賜物をお与えになったということを知っているということは違います。ダニエルの人生と、そして他の数名の人達の人生は、神が彼に啓示を与え、そして彼がそれを受け取った時、彼は何の疑いも持たなかったということにかかっていました。悪魔はいつも私達を、神がこれからなさろうとすることはもちろん、神がなさったことについて疑いを抱かせます。クリスチャンは誰でも「自分は本当に救われているのか?」と疑いを抱く時があります。私達は安心していられます、そんな疑問は聖霊の言葉ではないのですから!安心とは悪魔から盗まれてはならないとても大切な賜物です。もし私達が救われているのかどうか心配しているとしたら、それは私達は救われているというかなり強力な印なのです!安心は別の言葉で言い換えると大胆さと言えます。悪魔は大胆な信者達を恐れています、だから悪魔は私達から安心を盗もうとするのです。私達が神は私達のために居てくださるという巌のような確信を抱いているとき、誰が私達に敵対しようとも私達は揺るぐことはありません(ローマ人への手紙 8:31)。悪魔は私達が虚栄心が強く思い上がっていると信じ込ませようとします、しかし父親の愛を確信することは全ての子供の根本的な欲求であり、私達の天なるお父様は確かに私達を愛しておられるのです。私達は愛とすべてのものは私達にもたらされていると信じ、歓迎し、信頼する必要があります。

I really have had problems with being proud of things God has given me, but that's not to say He hasn't given them to me! Like Daniel, I need to be constantly aware of where every gift and ability comes from, and give God the glory. Failing to do that is poor stewardship, whether it is taking personal pride in things or denying that I have them. As a pastor, one of my many tasks is helping believers recognize the things God has done for and given them. The hymn, Count Your Blessings, is a good illustration of that. The devil tries to get us to focus on the negatives in our circumstances, and the way to counter that is to focus of the positives. And every believer has lots of those, if they will lift their eyes in faith to see them. I should be careful not to harangue people on this issue, because that would be counterproductive, but I do need to be consistent and persistent. I need to be an instrument of assurance, not doubt.


Father, thank You for this word this morning. I encounter doubt and mistrust of You all the time, in myself and others. Help me be fully open toward and trusting of You myself, to gently lead those around me in the same direction. When we have full assurance of what You have done in and for us in Christ Jesus, then we will be a bold army that will indeed storm the gates of hell and release the captives, for their salvation and Your glory. Let it be so, Father, in Jesus' name. Hallelujah!


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