ゼカリヤ 4:10 だれが、その日を小さな事としてさげすんだのか。

Verse 6 is probably the most famous passage in the whole book of Zechariah, but this verse, too, is important. We are very prone to judge things by size. For example, tall people are assumed to have more leadership ability than shorter people, and in general, we tend to think that bigger is better. That's not to say that big things can't be good, or that tall people can't be good leaders, but it is to say that our perspective tends to be very focused on external, material things. We do not see the end from the beginning the way God does, so we evaluate on the basis of right now. We tend to overlook small things, yet sometimes in God's plan they can be very important. We discount our own efforts at times, not knowing what mighty harvest God is going to bring from them down the road. This passage is a call to let God be the judge of things, and to expect great things of Him.


This is certainly applicable to me, since this church has seemed very small to me from the start. However, as I was reminded yesterday, many people have received the Word of the Lord here and then gone on to other locations, so I don't know what fruit they are bearing. I am not to dismiss the thought of this congregation numbering in the thousands, but neither am I to look down on who and what we are right now. God indeed desires great numbers of people to come into His kingdom, but He is interested on the basis of each individual, and not on the numbers themselves. I am to be faithful in my interaction with each individual He brings here, showing them the love and grace of God and encouraging them to become channels of that same love and grace. It is when I do that, that multiplication takes place. As long as I am trying to add people, progress will be slow. It is when I reproduce the Christ in me in someone else, and they in turn do the same with others, that the growth God desires will be evident.


Father, this is something I've known in theory for a very long time, yet I have been very slow in implementing it. Thank You for the deposits You have allowed me to make in those who have gone on from here, but I ask You now to enable me to invest myself fully in those who are planted here. Thank You for those who fit that description. Help me not overlook those who will move on, but give me wisdom and anointing to disciple those who are planted. May each member of this church become a multiplier indeed. I ask for a fresh vision for each believer of what You can do, want to do, and will do through them, if they will yield themselves to You, so that we may stop looking at where we are and what we are right now, but look to You and rejoice, for Your glory. Thank You. Hallelujah!


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