エレミヤ 13:15 耳を傾けて聞け。高ぶるな。主が語られたからだ。

Mankind has an incredible capacity for despising God. As God pointed out to Jeremiah in chapters 18 and 19, that's like a clay pot despising the potter! It is not that we are of no value, because God loves us enough that He gave His Son as a ransom for us, but it's the simple matter of who is the Creator and who are the created, who is the Father and who are the children. Many children today are not brought up to respect their fathers, whom they can see, and that strongly affects their attitude toward their Heavenly Father, whom they cannot see. Human fathers are of course imperfect, but failure to respect them is very damaging for the children. The safest attitude for any person is, “God said it, and that settles it.” There are of course problems of interpretation with the Bible sometimes, and any extra-Biblical pronouncement must be weighed very carefully, but for anyone whose desire is to hear and obey God, He will confirm His Word in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.


As a pastor, charged with speaking the words of God, this is a matter of daily concern for me. I of course need to be very careful that I don't claim something is from God when it isn't, but I think I have been fairly secure in that area for quite a while. It is very interesting to see how people respond to what God says through me. At times there is rejoicing, at times there is repentance, but at times there is an almost visible hardening, of rejection. That is dangerous indeed! I certainly don't claim to be perfect, and I invite people to examine what I say in relation to the Bible, so that they may evaluate it accurately, but that's not what I'm talking about here. Sometimes, if what is said is not what they want to hear, people turn it off, or even deliberately do the opposite. That's like a small child, rebelling for the sake of being rebellious! I am not to write such people off, but neither am I to allow myself to be dragged down by them. I am to love them and pray for them, continuing to speak the truth in love whether it is received or not, so that the Holy Spirit may have every opportunity to bring them to repentance.


Father, thank You for Your grace toward me. Help me extend that same grace to others. May my heart be sensitive and obedient to You at all times, and may I not take people's rejection of You as rejection of me. I ask You to love them through me, so that together we may be brought into the relationship You desire, with You and with each other, for Your glory. Thank You. Praise God!


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