詩篇 61:2 私の心が衰え果てるとき、私は地の果てから、あなたに呼ばわります。どうか、私の及びがたいほど高い岩の上に、私を導いてください。

There are so many clues in the Psalms as to why David was spoken of as “a man after God's heart,” and this is certainly one of them. Everyone has moments when they feel weak, really at the end of their emotional strength, and at such moments we often feel very far from God. David used the expression, “the ends of the earth,” to indicate that. When we are in that situation the devil wants us to give up, to throw in the towel, but David knew what to do: he cried out to God. Sometimes when we feel distant from God we feel we can't pray, but that is a lie of the devil; there's no more important time to pray. The next imagery might not click for someone not used to an arid, rocky environment, but when the context is understood it becomes clear. In a forest, if you're being chased by something you might climb a tree. In a rocky desert, you climb a rock! David is asking to be led to a safe haven, a place of refuge, and as believers have understood in the centuries since he wrote it, that place is God Himself. Actually, David used the imagery of God as his rock, his fortress many times, and those who turn their hearts to God as he did will find the same to be true even today.


I have certainly experienced this myself, though I'm occasionally a little slow to respond properly when attacked. As a pastor, I seek to help others understand that God is just as available to them as He is to me. I find some people can't accept that God really is there, and some can't believe that He would really protect them, that is, they feel unworthy. As Paul pointed out, the Gospel really is scandalous from the world's viewpoint, because it says that social status and human strength are worthless in approaching God, but that He loved us so much He took on our weakness to die our death for us so that we might have His life. A God like that is certainly a Rock far higher than I am! I need to abide in the security of His love and at the same time make myself fully available to Him to draw others into that same security, because that is what He desires.


Father, thank You for being my Rock, my Fortress. Thank You for the assorted conflicts of recent days and weeks, and for bringing us through them. Thank You for the various things You've been teaching us in the process. Thank You that I can rest assured that You will allow nothing to happen that can't be used by You to bless me and others and bring glory to Yourself. Help me approach each day, each challenge, with that attitude and understanding, resting and rejoicing in You so as to yield nothing at all to the devil, for Your glory. Thank You. Praise God!


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