詩篇 84:12 万軍の主よ。なんと幸いなことでしょう。あなたに信頼するその人は。

It's no wonder that many contemporary worship songs have been created from this psalm! This last verse sums up the whole theme. The psalmist trusts God and is aware of the manifold blessings of that heart attitude. God is indeed far more interested in whether we trust Him than in whether we adhere to some particular religious pattern. Some such patterns can be helpful in keeping our focus on God, but some actually get in the way. The biggest danger is in relying on the pattern instead of on God. Earlier this morning I was remembering the man whom I met in the mental hospital and who is still not considered “well.” When he was attending the weekly gatherings I had there it took him quite some time to make a commitment to Christ, because he understood that he had to forsake all other religions and cling to Christ alone, but one day he said, “I'm ready.” I lost track of him after he transferred to another hospital further away, but a few weeks ago he showed up with his daughter for prayer meeting. I don't know what he had to do to convince her to bring him! He is one with whom I will be rejoicing before the throne! He trusts in God, regardless of his circumstances.


When he showed up here it was a massive encouragement for me, and a reminder that the fruit of my labor is in God's hands, and God is faithful. “Trusting God” applies to every area of life, and it certainly applies to the ministry I do in Jesus' name. There are those who have left this church, and some who seem to have abandoned faith. That is certainly painful to me, but I need to trust God with them, praying for them but knowing that their destiny is between them and God, and that God is faithful. I need to be striving to grow active faith and trust in the believers who are here now, knowing that failure to trust cuts us off from a multitude of blessings. I've certainly tasted both sides of that! I myself need to walk in all that God has prepared for those who trust Him, so as to yield nothing to the devil and as an example to others, for His glory.


Father, thank You again for Your patience and grace toward me for the many times I've failed to trust You fully. Thank you for the countless demonstrations of Your reliability that I've experienced. Help me indeed trust You more and more fully, so that I will flow more and more perfectly with Your Spirit, doing Your will on Your schedule for Your glory. Thank You. Hallelujah!


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