詩篇 62:1, 8 私のたましいは黙って、ただ神を待ち望む。私の救いは神から来る。民よ。どんなときにも、神に信頼せよ。あなたがたの心を神の御前に注ぎ出せ。神は、われらの避け所である。

Again the difference between the Japanese and the English is very interesting. The Japanese says, “My soul waits in silent expectation for God alone,” while the NIV says, “My soul finds rest in God alone.” I can see that waiting in silent expectation is restful, because anxiety is certainly the enemy of true rest. As a matter of fact, it's exhausting! Whatever the original Hebrew says, both the Japanese and the English agree fully on what David says next. David trusted in God, period. David had learned the hard way that people aren't fully reliable, but he had also learned that God is indeed reliable, and he based his life on that assurance. Accordingly, it was the most natural thing in the world for him to encourage those around him to trust God as well. He knew from experience that you can't shock God, so there is no risk to telling Him everything on your heart. He already knows those thoughts and feelings anyway, and pouring them out to Him enables you to let go of them as burdens and receive God's strength and refreshing.


It also strikes me that failure to recommend trusting God to others probably means you don't trust Him very well yourself. David had no hesitation in telling people to trust God because he had learned by experience how completely trustworthy God is. However, that wouldn't have happened if he had been clinging to other things during the various trials of his life. This should be a point of reflection and self-examination for us all.


I've dedicated my life to telling others to trust God, but that doesn't mean I bat 1000 at it myself. I need to remember that every trial is designed to teach me more of trusting obedience. I will continue to have trials as long as I am in this body, but the level and the result will continue to get higher. That's not to say they will get more difficult for me, because I will keep growing. Rather, it's to say that I will breeze through things that would have devastated me had I faced them in the past. That too is in God's hands, and He is to be trusted! My response to trials is to be an example and an encouragement to those around me. If I fail, it will be an object lesson for others, but as it says in Jude 24, God is able to keep me from falling, so I am not to be anxious but rather rest in trust.


Father, thank You yet again for Your grace toward me. It certainly is a demonstration of Your character! Help me respond appropriately, which, as You had me say back in March, is the essence of worship. Help me indeed worship in spirit and in truth in corporate settings, privately, and in every part of my daily life, so that all of Your plans and purposes for me may be fulfilled on Your schedule for Your glory. Thank You. Hallelujah!


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