ゼカリヤ 9:9-12

S: ゼカリヤ 9:12 望みを持つ捕らわれ人よ。とりでに帰れ。わたしは、きょうもまた告げ知らせる。わたしは二倍のものをあなたに返すと。

O: Not knowing Hebrew, nor having a resident Hebrew teacher the way I have with Greek, I can't make a judgment between the NIV “prisoners of hope” and the Japanese “prisoners who have hope.” Either seems possible, though the NIV seems more poetic. In any case, God is addressing those who haven't given up. The promise of the Messiah had been given hundreds of years before and repeated many times, so the natural human tendency would have been to just dismiss it and say it wasn't going to happen. God addressed that attitude directly in Habakkuk 2:3 and elsewhere. Here, God is promising double restoration to those who had not given up hope. We know from Hebrews 11, as well as from experience, that sometimes we receive the fulfillment of God's promises in Eternity rather than on earth, but holding on to hope is an important facet of faith. God is not stingy, and in Christ we win!

O: ヘブル語は分かりません。ギリシャ語なら同居人の先生がいますが、ヘブル語の分かる同居人はいません。それでNIVの「望みの捕われ人」と日本語訳の「望みを持つ捕われ人」の違いの判断が下せません。どちらの解釈も可能なようですが、NIVの方が詩的です。いずれにせよ、神様は諦めない人に向かって語っておられます。メシヤの約束はそれよりも何百年も前だったのですが、人間の生まれ持っている性質のせいで、そんなことなど起こらなかったと言うことのないように、何度も繰り返されています。神様はそのような態度でハバクク2:3や、他の箇所でも臨んでおられます。神はここで、望みを捨てなかった人には二倍にして返すと約束されています。ヘブル11と、また経験からでも分かりますが、神様の約束はこの地上より、むしろ永遠に成就すると言えます。しかし、望みを持ち続けることは信仰における重要な側面です。神様はケチではありません。キリストにあって勝利あるのみです!

A: I remember several years ago when I was speaking at a missionary fellowship in Fukuoka and I said I was tired of hearing prophecies of “a tsunami of the Spirit” hitting Japan. Such prophecies had been given by various people and talked about by many more, but we hadn't seen any evidence of their fulfillment. Such an attitude on my part was perhaps not very appropriate, particularly when our church had been given Habakkuk 2:2-3 many times as applying to us. The devil hates hope and he does all he can to destroy it, so I must stand firm on the promises God has given us. That isn't to say I'm to ignore current difficulties, but it is to say that I must always remember that God is far greater than any difficulty, and He is absolutely faithful. If I will not abandon hope I will indeed receive a double portion, and I must not forget it.

A: 数年前ですが、福岡で宣教師の交わりがあり、そこで私は話をしました。「御霊の津波」が日本に到来するという預言には飽き飽きしていると言いました。そうした預言は様々な人によって何度も語られましたが、まだその成就を私たちは見ていなかったからです。私のそうした態度はあまり適切ではなかったでしょう。特に私たちの教会がハバクク2:2~3の御言葉を受けるように何度も言われているのですから。悪魔は望みを嫌い、望みを破壊するために一生懸命です。ですから私は神様から与えられた約束の上にしっかりと立っているべきです。だからと言って現在の厄介なことを無視してよいという意味ではありません。ただ、神様は困難なことよりもはるかにまさって優れた、絶対的に誠実なお方だと常に覚えているべきです。もし私が望みを失くさないならば、二倍分を頂けます。覚えておきたいものです。

P: Father, thank You for this word about hope, following all You've been saying to me about faith over the past several days. Help me indeed operate in faith, hope, and love at all times, not forgetting any of them. Help me be someone who imparts faith, hope, and love to my hearers by the power of Your Spirit. I certainly can't do it in my own power, but help me not forget that by Your Spirit I can indeed do exactly that. Some in this church seem to be running low on one or another – or even all three – of those. Keep me from lecturing them. Help me rather be a shepherd indeed, just as You describe in Isaiah 40:11. Of course I am not You, but I am Your agent. Help me remember that and act accordingly, building up the Body of Christ for Your glory. Thank You. Praise God!


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