マタイ 1:18-28

S: マタイ 1:23 「見よ、処女がみごもっている。そして男の子を産む。その名はインマヌエルと呼ばれる。」(訳すと、神は私たちとともにおられる、という意味である。)

O: There is real danger in losing the wonder of this astounding statement. The starting point of Christian faith, even before the cross and resurrection, is that God loved us enough to be born as a human baby, taking on not just our form but our weaknesses and sufferings as well. In fact, He didn't stop there, but poured Himself out as the Holy Spirit to actually live in us. That is something claimed in no other religion, and it is terribly under-appreciated even among Christians. However, a claim to that from the human side can be worth less than the words it takes to say it. The Nazi army had “God with us” engraved (in German, of course) on their belt buckles! We cannot bring God down to us, but we can welcome Him. As Isaac Watts said in his famous carol, “Let every heart prepare Him room.” The Holy Spirit is a gentleman, and He doesn't come where He's not welcome. From the negative standpoint, Paul spoke of grieving and quenching the Holy Spirit. We don't want to do that! When God has done so much to become Immanuel, then we need to receive Him in all humility and thanks.


A: I am probably more aware of God's presence than the vast majority of people, yet I forget it on a practical level all too often. I must live by Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight – or I am useless to myself and others. Last night I was asked if I didn't have things I worried about, and I said yes, it was a sign of my lack of faith. This morning I got up absurdly early because I couldn't release things to God; my brain just kept churning them over and over and I couldn't get back to sleep. God has demonstrated Himself to be Immanuel to me more times than I could count, yet I still have such problems! I have a lot of room to grow in living out the truth I know.

A: 恐らく私は大抵の人達よりは神様の存在を意識していると思いますが、現実的なレベルではしばしば忘れがちです。箴言3:5~6のように生きたいものですー心を尽くして主により頼め。自分の悟りに頼るな。あなたの行く所どこにおいても、主を認めよ。そうすれば、主はあなたの道をまっすぐにされる―そうでないなら私自身にも、人にとってもためになりません。昨夜、私は心配事がないのかどうか尋ねられました。それで私は「はい」と答えました。つまりそれは信仰の欠如の表れです。今朝はひどく早い時間に目が覚めました。思いを神様に委ねていなかったからです。それで私は思い煩い、何度も考え、とうとう寝付けなかったのです。もう数得られないほどに神様は御自身がインマニュエルであると示してくださったのに、私はまだこんな問題を抱えているのです!私は真実を知っています。その真実に基づいて生きていくように大きく成長すべきです!

P: Father, I believe; forgive and help my unbelief! Help me trust You on the deepest level and stop wasting so much time and energy trying to figure things out on my own. You have demonstrated Your faithfulness so beautifully and so often, and yet I still act like I've got to run my life myself. I couldn't begin to do it, even if it were a good idea! Help me “let go and let God,” as the cliché says, refusing anxiety in any form but giving You glory through my trusting obedience. Thank You. Praise God!


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